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paulius vysniauskaspaulius vysniauskas
14:47 04 Oct 22
Hello,we (a group of about 50 people) were here in this homestead on 07/23/2022. We loved both the location and the homestead setting. The most interesting thing is that the owners of the homestead (the young generation were impressed) not only allowed us to light a fire in the fireplace, but also gladly gave us a wheelbarrow full of dry firewood. So we enjoyed our cool evening with mulled wine, looking at the bonfire, the starry sky and the swans swimming in the Gulf of Riga.I wish you to experience memorable moments here as well.Paulius Vy (LT) Paldies
Diana OndzaDiana Ondza
20:36 31 May 21
Perfect location by the seaside, friendly and welcoming staff (owner), kitchen fully equipped. However, if you are staying during the chilly season (beginning of May, in my case), it might be very cold in the shared facilities, including shower. Rooms, however, have heaters 😍Very good price for quality 🙂
Armans VitolinsArmans Vitolins
11:16 01 Sep 18
Beautiful location. A good range of prices. I had an excellent stay in there.
Kasparas BKasparas B
09:06 06 Oct 17
Very friendly and helpful ouwner. Clean and delicious smelling aparraments, rooms are simple as a price. Very nicely decorated enviroment.