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Geoffrey PoynterGeoffrey Poynter
10:02 12 Jul 23
Great campsite. 50 minutes walk into Cesis. Lovely location, good facilities, quiet and lots of space.
Tess ŠimaljakováTess Šimaljaková
03:32 06 Jul 23
I recommend this boat rental. I rented a kayak on spot, but I called before if I can do it this way without booking. I guess they might be actually booked for the weekends and I came on Friday. The rental guy was very nice and spoke English. I took twice as much time to kayak from Cēsis to Līgatne (8 hours instead of 4), but it wasn't a problem (I was alone though, so its kinda understandable haha). The rental guy was already on the designated spot take care of the boat once I arrived to Līgatne. They even let me keep my huge backpack with them in the rental shop so I didn't need to take it to the water. The renatal service included a paddle, a safety vest and a large waterproof bag (I would actually fit my backpack there too). All was super nice and I would like to come and do it again if I have the chance.
Arune MalinauskieneArune Malinauskiene
20:50 19 Jun 23
This is the best camping ever. Lovely service, speaks English. You park where you want, or where is space. It's clean, showers, toilets, laundry room, outside sinks to wash dishes, bins all very looked after. The river is gorgeous, sandy beach and there is play area for kids, loads of nature trails.
Ivars BergsIvars Bergs
07:14 27 Aug 22
Everything was cool like it always has been. Nice and smooth pick up after the finish
Aigars SmiltansAigars Smiltans
18:29 23 Aug 22
Place to escape from the city...
Jacek WolszczakJacek Wolszczak
10:14 01 Aug 22
Very good canoe rental service, free hot showers at the camping site, tasty grilled food. Definitely a recommended place to start your Gauja adventure.
Lara LiparLara Lipar
07:16 22 Jul 21
This is supposed to be a quited campground, you even have to sign that you won’t make any noises at night. But guys right next to us were having party and loud music ALL NIGHT and camp staff didn’t do anything about it. Do not recommend if you are looking for some peace and quiet.
Stephen ThomsStephen Thoms
15:44 06 Jun 18
One of the best camping grounds. Does not have some of the facilities but what it does have it does exceptionally well. Quiet. Lovely setting and layout Great showers. Great staff. Enjoyed the fires.
Vadims KamenevsVadims Kamenevs
10:16 12 Jun 17
Good place to stay overnight with a tent or caravan. Has electricity connection, showers, WC, caravan WC, Laundry room, sink to wash dishes, WiFi, Information center with a little shop. They offer boat, SUP and Raft trips on Gauja and other rivers, Is next to Cirulisu nature trails.If you get lucky possible to go to the Sauna.

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