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Igors PikaļevsIgors Pikaļevs
14:35 15 Aug 20
Beautiful scenery, average to OK accomodations, horrible owner, bullied the guests, treathened to kill the dog of a guest.
Jinn DJinn D
10:49 08 Nov 18
This place takes the "award" of the worst accomodation ever, and I've been in quite a lot. Let alone we had 1 bedroom less than we need. Let alone hot water in the shower is no more after two people take it. We even could settle for a no barbecue facilities, for no oven despite it was promised, etc.. but yelling at the guests?! telling the guests they can leave any time they wish? they can fly back?? refuse to open another toilet for a group of 10 people??? no thank you. a nasty experience, ugly attitude, an example of what a host should never ever do. never visit this place.
Oleg Dobrykin (Juk)Oleg Dobrykin (Juk)
20:38 01 Nov 18
One of the worst places I’ve stayed... I’ve had a different situations with property holders, but never, never-ever I’ve heard property owner shouting on me or my friends. Really bad experince and big dissipointment.Not recomend to stay here.
Michael KalenkovichMichael Kalenkovich
18:33 01 Nov 18
The most terrible experience I have ever had. We've got not we've paid for: 4 bedrooms instead of 5 (for 5 pairs!), no oven, no barbequ equipment, no cozy living room, small unusable kitchen, hot water enough only for 2 people to take a shower.In addition, when we have tried to settle this matter down with the owner, we was shouted at, and heard, literally: "get out of here and fly where you came from!"
kirill kkirill k
14:01 01 Nov 18
The owners lied to us telling there are 5 bedrooms, while in reality there are only 4. Facilities are all in a bad shape. There is only enough hot water in the shower for 2 people in the morning. Kitchen facilities are non-existent beyond small fridge and microwave. No furniture in bedrooms other than beds and small tables. No barbeque facilities beyond a very small grille. The lake in the pictures is fake.