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Based on 161 reviews
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Sebastien GarciaSebastien Garcia
14:14 22 Jul 23
Had lunch at the restaurant. Great ribs
Mario CiliaMario Cilia
16:42 14 Nov 22
Improvement in the first two sectors are most welcomed. Cleanliness, upkeep plus suitable furniture. Overall quite acceptable spacious and warm.
Maris RikshsMaris Rikshs
09:31 02 Oct 22
Great service!Fantastic breakfast.Spectaculous visit to the remarkable Place.
Rihards EdelsRihards Edels
10:31 21 Aug 22
Overall a nice hip place to spend some time. Just bear in mind that it is a family hotel and full of kids. That and the fact that sound isolation is terrible will not make me come back though.
Lajos KovacsLajos Kovacs
12:38 21 Jun 22
We have been in the restaursant, not in the hotel, and it was amazing. The food was very tasty, the staff was friendly and helpful. The entire place has a good athmosphere.