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Viesturs PositiveViesturs Positive
03:13 16 Aug 21
JoeCroc MuloongoJoeCroc Muloongo
08:13 28 May 18
Beautiful venue, mosquitos though but it's part of the country
Inese LiepiņaInese Liepiņa
15:53 14 Mar 18
Beautiful, elegant, quite place. A little bit far from roadway and city, but otherwise you can feel lovely nature.
Ieva SaliņaIeva Saliņa
09:22 01 Jul 17
Beautiful place in countryside, where to restore your inner balance and connect with nature.
Ainārs KAinārs K
20:44 11 May 17
Quite cozy place. Good for parties and celebrations. There is a sauna, though it takes a while to heat up. Very nice pool to cool off.Unfortunately no real separate place to change before going to sauna or after.Otherwise good place.

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