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Sergejs HrenovsSergejs Hrenovs
12:45 30 May 23
Very nice place
Natalia KiedykNatalia Kiedyk
18:56 09 Aug 22
Ok, it's time to say that: it's a great place with great prices.
Lazertag. Grilling meat. Fresh air.
Dangis AlysasDangis Alysas
10:06 22 Sep 21
Very nice place, has everything you need, beautiful forest around, not far from the sea. Host is very friendly, communication is top notch, always replied and answered all the questions I had! Will definately come there again!
Janis BirgelisJanis Birgelis
14:58 02 Jul 21
Very nice equipt camping site. Good, clean toilets and showers. Place for kids to play and well equipt small camping houses. Cofee machine, kitchen and hairdryer available.
k m zk m z
13:42 22 Aug 20
There's a lot of mosquitos here, and the sea is a little too far away. But aside that everything is great.
Simona -Simona -
17:56 08 Jul 18
We loved this place! Especialy the fact that it’s very private, not a lot of people around. And the beach nearby was totally empy during a weekend. Great for dog owners. Wooden cottages, WC, shower - well equipped, comfortable. Thank you for a great weekend!

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