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Milita KaMilita Ka
12:15 18 Jun 23
We went to stay here for 1 night. Iv’e been here about 8 years ago and a lot has changed here like more higher quality houses. This place definitely has a lot of space and big courts to play sports like volley ball, basket ball. Of you want to go to the sea youd have to cross the road and walk a bit (about 1 km). I’m a bit disappointed because if you want to go on a walk there is no pedestrians to walk on, and there is no view so you probably wont see anything new. After all i say that it’s a good place to stay in!
Martin k MathewMartin k Mathew
19:23 23 Apr 23
The place was amazing with a hall and sports facilities.Also the stay was arranged in the nearby pine forest. Toilets are there but not sure about the bathing facility. Night it can be pretty cold , considering bringing heaters.100m from gate to the beach
Ivo PavulansIvo Pavulans
06:14 11 Aug 22
Great and cheap place to spend time with family and beautiful sea just few minutes walk. Just make sure you've booked appropriate accommodation if visiting with child up to 4-5 years old. Of couse it's not a 5 star hotel but camping.
Justina DauknyteJustina Dauknyte
19:59 20 Jul 20
Good price, but the houses are old and really need to be fixed, dirty toilets, shared kitchen, shared showers. Loud people outside after 10 p.m. Not gonna come back.
Janis GrunteJanis Grunte
15:14 07 Jul 17
Have spent here every July for seven years. The cheaper houses are so small that you practically are outside all the time. Which is a good thing for kids. Because kids love it here.
Mārtiņš BūmanisMārtiņš Būmanis
13:24 04 Dec 16
If you get the cheapest house, you might as well just use a tent, because it will be warmer.. Get the more expensive ones. The sport fields are okay and sea is nearby
Linards LapčinskisLinards Lapčinskis
18:57 14 Nov 15
Great place to spend your summer vacation and not just that. Also a perfect choice, if you want to get away from the city rush during other seasons. Peaceful place surrounded by pine forest. Only a two minute walk to a sandy beach.

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