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Karolina SzeligaKarolina Szeliga
19:58 04 Aug 22
The best camping I’ve ever stayedPaberzi Camping is located about 10 minutes ride from Liepaja and a 12-15 minutes walk from the seaside. The area is amazingly huge. Only 5 houses located on „millions hectare” surface 😊 I cannot believe that area is so big and you can feel there completely private. Furthermore, when you walk to the beach it is also a small chance that you will meet someone en route. On the beach the same – it was very good weather and over the day we met only a few people. If you want to take a rest from the workload and speed of everyday life – that place is perfectly created for you. I can recommend it for 100%.Also, in my opinion, that is the most beautiful region in Latvia –a really wide beach with perfectly clean sand and shallow water (which is warmer than Poland).All in all – the greatest value for money. Highly recommended.Fingers crossed for the good season and keep it up. See you next year 😊
16:41 12 Oct 20
It's a good place 🙂🙂🙂
Artūrs LindenbergsArtūrs Lindenbergs
14:04 15 Aug 20
Very nice camp site. Clean and comfy.
Daumantas KojelisDaumantas Kojelis
19:01 18 Jun 19
Owner is kind and very friendly. Not many people there.
Linas ŠirvinskasLinas Širvinskas
11:31 12 Aug 18
Not so bad...

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