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Liva JLiva J
14:36 05 Mar 23
Helpful staff, also speaking in English. It was great to get skiing instructors for kids that could do the session in English, they were able to learn quite a bit in the hour. Good value for money. We visited at almost the end of the season, so the snow was quite hard and icy.
eva mapleeva maple
10:30 18 Feb 23
Very good for beginners and having fun with family. Café and bathroom available.
Laima SmeldeLaima Smelde
11:35 17 Feb 23
It was perfect, and I loved the ski boots. Everything was good except the lifts. The bar accelerated and slowed down and u fell because the bar is from metal and I lose balance. But overall really good.
Izik RubanenkoIzik Rubanenko
21:19 19 Dec 22
Cool place, good place for skiing and having sports fun , recommended 😀
() renopvz@gmail.com() renopvz@gmail.com
18:40 18 Dec 22
a good place to improve your winter sports skills
Imants AleksandrovsImants Aleksandrovs
15:26 10 Dec 22
Good snow, good views, good food.
Tony kongTony kong
11:43 04 Dec 22
the rental shop was awesome no queue was there. However, the staffs stop the T bars so often that risk the people on the t bars. they could fall when it stop.
Andris PimanovsAndris Pimanovs
11:19 16 Jan 22
One of the best places to enjoy winter in Latvia. Good service and accessibility- 1h drive from Riga. Nice snowpark and slopes for all level of skills.
Peter MarkussenPeter Markussen
11:38 02 Jan 22
Best skiing place in Latvia. Slopes are well prepared. Lot's of opportunities to spend a day practicing for the bigger mountains, but also just for a day of fun
Amit KeretAmit Keret
15:59 11 Jan 21
Great place for ski in latvia, you have various slops not too extream but definitely great.The instructors there are super nice and friendly all speaks English, very important to call and reserve as there is a limit due to covid
Marta KaugareMarta Kaugare
19:48 17 Feb 19
The best skiing komplekss in Latvia I have ever been.
Robertas RozgaRobertas Rozga
14:09 14 Feb 17
Great place for skiers, can get crowdy on popular days expecialy equipment rental queue line. Nice canteen to recover energy.