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Kristers PorietisKristers Porietis
14:04 04 May 23
The fishing is very good, but i will say that it would be nice to recieve a positive attitude from the owner
Roberts ZarinsRoberts Zarins
07:21 07 Jul 20
Nice place to spend weekend.
Aigars SirmovičsAigars Sirmovičs
17:37 05 Nov 19
Artūrs SosnarsArtūrs Sosnars
09:57 30 Nov 18
Great place to take some time off fast city lifestyle. To relax and catch some fish.
Lewis MilnesLewis Milnes
19:03 01 Apr 18
Very nice place, lake in very good condition!
Aleksandrs SpirtsAleksandrs Spirts
06:02 18 Sep 17
Nice fishing place. There are some restrictions for some types of fish, for weight, etc. Seems that it is an artificial lake. There are a bit wet surface near the bungalows. However, overall this is a nice place to stay and rest. We have got a sports summer campus there.