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Santa KramaSanta Krama
16:14 03 Oct 21
Great local kitchen! Big portions, recomend local meat pork chop, potato pancakes.For foreigners probably not the best place to take burgers, but instead take other meat dishes ☀️
Martin DarlandMartin Darland
06:19 10 Jul 20
Service was slow, but they were busy that Saturday. Once the food arrived, all was forgiven. Wow! So Good! I will definitely be coming back.
Kalvis PoKalvis Po
15:30 13 Jul 19
If the deal is good, it can be considered. Looks pretty dirty, some doors broken, stair railings ditto.
Iluta StivrinaIluta Stivrina
12:06 25 Jun 19
Nice homemade food. Big and filling portions. Nice staff and beautiful place around too. If the weather is nice, would definitely recommend to sit outside.
Dmitry ZakharoffDmitry Zakharoff
08:42 02 Sep 17
Great local cuisine! Yes, you'll not get your order fast, (it's not a fast food place!) but the portions was big and veeeery tasty. Draft beer, wine etc. 2 adults, 2 kids, with desserts and beer = 30€

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