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Vita SjomkaneVita Sjomkane
09:32 19 Jun 23
We ordered food for school’s field trip they first wanted to charge us more than 1000€ for dinner and breakfast for 35 people.After agreeing that we wouldn’t be renting the dishes and changing the menu to cheaper options we got it down to 600€The meals felt very cheap - for breakfast we had agreed on cheese toasts, they served the cheapest white bread with minimal amount of graded cheese on it that you could barely taste.The students were very disappointed, it was definitely not worth to pay 600€
Arturas RagauskasArturas Ragauskas
19:42 22 Jun 22
The most beautiful nature, a sauna on the water is available, separate rooms, multi-bed rooms, houses near the lake, electricity is present, there are small tables under the roof and there are barbecue facilities. There is a banquet hall, guest houses. Volleyball field. In an accessible proximity to the city of Riga. Very atmospheric and cozy place. The prices are affordable.
Mareks PetersonsMareks Petersons
04:41 02 Nov 21
Really nice location. I would love to to back
katrn oondsonkatrn oondson
21:40 25 Jun 21
Very well decorated cabins, good atmosphere and a lot of dishes to use. Great coffee machine! Amazing places to swim and have fun in the water, aswell as a great place to view the sunset. The problem comes with the cleanliness of the rooms. The floor of our room wasn’t sweeped and there was dirt and food leftovers on it.
Pēteris JurčenkoPēteris Jurčenko
07:16 24 May 19
This place boasts incredibly clean accommodations. The interior is beautifully designed, enhancing the overall atmosphere. The customer service is exceptional - very responsive and accommodating, making the entire process stress-free. There was even an opportunity to charge my electric vehicle, which is a nice eco-friendly touch. This venue is highly suited for large family gatherings as it offers separate cottages and a large communal area with a kitchen. An excellent place for a joint family celebration or simply a relaxing stay.
Aldis BlumbergsAldis Blumbergs
14:33 24 Oct 18
Simce there was natural snow everywhere, I loved it. But other than that there was access to inside WC, take out, campfire to warm up, place to slide with whatever you have for downhill winter fun.

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