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Laimes Ligzda
Based on 121 reviews
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Madara VorzaMadara Vorza
08:11 26 Jul 21
Stayed in glemping. Very nice, got everything you need - small kitchen, bathroom, heated bed sheets. The view is great. Would recomend
Gundi DeeGundi Dee
21:00 09 Jul 20
Lovely guest house, sauna and terrace with beautiful sunset. bedrooms could do with some blinds as sun is right in the window first thing in the morning and some sound insulation between ballroom and bedrooms directly upstairs.
Alex SerbanAlex Serban
13:12 26 Nov 19
I don't even know where to start to be honest. Maybe we were unlucky because I was really looking forward to staying at this property but there were so many problems that I just regret booking at this property.1. Location - a bit tricky to find it2. Staff - none present - We arrived at what appeared to be the accommodation and there was a big room with people having a party but no staff. Had to wait 5 minutes to find somebody to tell us that we got the wrong building and that we have to go to a different building3. Cleanliness - Arrived at the second building and a lady who appeared to be from the staff (but didn't speak English at all) showed us the room. I asked to show us where the bathroom is and then she showed me using signs that I cannot go in the bathroom. Then she went downstairs, took some cleaning products and started to clean and tidy up the bathroom - WHILE WE WERE THERE4. Room - Clean, basic with the most awful squeaky bed I have ever slept in. Every single light movement was accompanied by the most annoying and loud creaky noise. It was dreadful to sleep in such a bed. Kept waking us up every time one of us moved in the bed.5. Staff - minimum interactions, zero information, it felt like we were a plus one and not guests who paid for some services.6. Breakfast - non-existent as we didn't have any information about where is being served, when or how.7. Bathroom - the smell of the water was so bad we barely washed a bit. It was an odor of rust combined with sewage. The water left a metallic smell on the skin. We had to brush our teeth using still water. I understand that the property was in the middle of the woods but surely a filter could have solved this issue.I don't know if it was a bad moment of sort but I was really disappointed with this accommodation.
Silver KangurSilver Kangur
06:46 16 Aug 18
There was very soft animal skin in front of the bed ☺
Tom MillardTom Millard
19:47 16 Jul 18
Peaceful, lovely location. Hosts were outstanding, I wouldn't hesitate to visit again. Location has ponds which you can swim in, a sauna and a plunge pool. Lots of local attractions, and Riga is about an hour away. Well worth a visit! Thank you for your hospitality.