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Amanda PērkoneAmanda Pērkone
13:27 17 Jul 23
Used to love coming to this place and thought we’d come here again to have a late lunch. First of all, there are not any main dishes for vegetarians and only 2 chicken dishes in the big list of all the pork dishes (and even so, one of them was not available at the time. so that only left us with one option as we only eat chicken). They would not let us exchange the pork for chicken, but the waitress said she’d ask if they could put the pork chop toppings on the chicken chop, which they did, so we were happy at first for such compromise. I ordered Aperol Spritz, which was lovely, the food was tasty and the portions were huge (like really, we had to pause the eating for a bit in order to finish the portion). Even though the service was lovely at first and they answered to all our questions even though they were quite busy, after our meal our waitress just forgot about us and took on new clients, without inquiring whether everything was good and whether we wanted anything else (which we did, it was really hot outside and we just had to sit there for half an hour waiting for her to bring the check). She passed us many times and never even looked at us and we would not shout after her, so we were left there sitting. After such time, my mom just stood up to go ask for the check herself and then they brought it to us - they were charging us for the pork chops which were more expensive but then also additional money for “exchange of sides” which was not mentioned by the waitress or in the menu. The waitress was rude at first but then just said that they would take off the additional fee and stood there giving us a side eye. That was really unprofessional and, although the meal was wonderful, the service totally ruined everything and was not worth the money.
Aksels EgleAksels Egle
15:41 25 Jul 22
On website said it was open, drove 60km and it was closed. Sad
Janis AntonevicsJanis Antonevics
08:28 10 Feb 22
Great place, good communication!Thanks for dinner,
11:38 09 Aug 20
Very, very tasty and nice service as well. The potatoe pancakes are listed as "snacks" but the portion is a complete 2nd course. Great view down the hill, everything's clean and background music was relaxing.
Aivis LatvianAivis Latvian
14:04 18 Jul 20
Nice place, reasonable prices, good menu, orders take some time, though this is not the place for visitors in hurry anyway. Stop, relax, take your time, let the kids play outside.
19:11 04 Aug 19
Meat is their specialty. Allwais delicious. I would avoid seafood and fish dishes. They have disappointed me each time. And the menu was translated from latvian with something way worse then google. Sweet and acid pork chop means sweet & sour. How thay translate seafood and cauliflower to russian is hilarious. But overall a good place.