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Robertas RucinskasRobertas Rucinskas
19:08 07 May 23
Amazing views of the sand stone Canyon and small feeling of USA Canyons that i visited. Bad part is long (~4km) and rough gravel road.. so rough it shakes really strong.. i recommend SUV to reach it..Also very touristic place (even though it was empty at end of April, seems very busy in summer- hundreds of tables and fireplaces, huge parking, but only several wooden toilets). Sand stone/ sea shore is amazing, but not very protected from harming people coming to stay there.. stone is all carved, the clifs damaged by “pro climbers” Parking cost in spring- 3 Eur. Nice play to stay and camp/ cook some meals on camp site when it is empty 😎
Xenia FominaXenia Fomina
03:53 18 Mar 23
Beautiful and unique place. Sand caves along shore, glacier boulders, small stones for kids to collect. Unfortunately parking is available only on camping site. But off season it's free as it seems.
Carsten HeinmannCarsten Heinmann
10:52 03 Aug 22
Very nice place. Lots of nice beach and lots of exciting small caves. Very suitable for children. The nearby camping site has toilets, a kiosk with ice-cream and a cafe with light dishes. The parking is plenty but cost 4 euros for the hole day. The road to the place is 4 km with bumps, but slow down and you will be fine 😊
Ingrida ValantiejuteIngrida Valantiejute
12:46 25 Jul 22
Very beautiful place must be added to your map on the road trip:)
Alexander KotysAlexander Kotys
20:24 26 Aug 21
An adventurous, unpaved road leeds from the main road down to the beach where you can find some beautiful sandstone cliffs. It's an easy drive with the car or with a bike and you are rewarded with a beautiful scenery of red and white sandstone cliffs, caves, big and small stones of different colours in the sand and the fresh water of the Baltic Sea!You can park your car at the entrance of the camping site. They charge some money for parking. Walk from there to some wooden stairs that leed down to the beach. Enjoy the different colours of the cliffs and walk up again on the other side. There's an easy path on top off the cliffs that leeds back to the camping site.
Lita OzolinaLita Ozolina
18:32 22 Aug 21
Lovely cliffs and beach. Sunset is amazing over here and photos will not disappoint as no filter is required. Kids especially will enjoy the caves. Camping site Klintis is just nearby where all the amenities are available. Unfortunately not fully accessible by wheelchair becauce beach is with stones and because of the tide, but there is lovely spot available nearby as a watch tower with seating area with beautiful scenery to the cliffs.
Gabija KrupoviciuteGabija Krupoviciute
11:45 06 Sep 20
In my opinion is one of the most beautiful places in Latvia. It is very good option if you like calm places to stay. Recomend to visit it during sunset - clints gets brighter colour.
Vaida MocevičienėVaida Mocevičienė
07:14 24 Aug 20
Area is beautiful. But it wasn't clear where to park if you are not coming to the private campsite(which is all around). We found only warning signs and closed parking area. Parking in the camp 3eur - maybe its open for everyone. :)

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