Klāņas viesu nams

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Matiss JansonsMatiss Jansons
10:51 15 Feb 23
The Best Place Ever
Bill AustinBill Austin
16:45 24 Feb 20
Lovely manager, well placed, a little tired but position is great and kept clean
Kristina BucaiteKristina Bucaite
13:55 15 Aug 18
Very nice place
Živilė žilėnaitėŽivilė žilėnaitė
21:09 14 Jul 18
Very nice place, nearby coast. You can play gree pool, table tennis, table football, also grill outside, and there is sauna and hot tub.
Toms FatjanovsToms Fatjanovs
14:20 18 May 18
You get what you pay for