Jūras Priede kempings

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Ramune JakucionieneRamune Jakucioniene
10:01 27 Aug 22
Nice and cozy place to stay, but please note that you might be suprised by unexpected fest in the middle of the week such as high school style wedding with early morning caraoke, as there are no regulations from administration.
Justinas JakucionisJustinas Jakucionis
05:14 18 Aug 22
This area is located next to a port working 24 hours. On a wednesday some people decides to celebrate wedding here. And no rules about noise. Thanks they are good will and turns down the music at 22:15 after nice talk but at 2:15 night time it comes back with karaoke. Sea is very close! Pizza is OK. Place for tents is very difficult as it is small hils all over or at least you would like to stay allmost in a parking. Very friendly personnel in a reception! And hey :) dont leave your beer in a fridge ;)
Krzysztof OsiakKrzysztof Osiak
06:51 30 Jul 22
Relatively nice place, but a big minus for dirty sanitary facilities and loud noises from nearby seaport all night. The closest beach is nice but water filled with thick layer of smelly algae.
Freddy SpoonerFreddy Spooner
15:54 21 Jul 22
Nice campground, clean facilities, lots of space to sit inside and outside, nice kitchen, clean, friendly staff only a weak Wifi signal otherwise 5 star,
Monika VirbalaitėMonika Virbalaitė
15:12 25 Jun 22
It is a really nice campsite, the beach is close, cabins are pretty nice, but the tiny tiny minus is that the toilets/showers could be cleaner :) But everything else is Freaking AMAZING!!! Love it!!!