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Debesu bļoda
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Andrey ShavkunovAndrey Shavkunov
08:02 21 Sep 22
18:57 07 May 22
thank you all, for everything!It was the most amazing place i have ever lived!The lake, the valley, the environment, the nature, the sauna, the tzakouzi, the rooms, the accommodation, the politness, the services and the magnificent food was everything so unique and excellent!Bravo!
Dainis SlisansDainis Slisans
08:54 08 Dec 18
Nice place, wonderful guestrooms, disapointed in food.
Dmitry PahomovDmitry Pahomov
05:23 12 Sep 17
Both house and area are quite good for large parties and wedding celebration. Food was good too!
Sallija BuleSallija Bule
14:54 09 Nov 16
Beautiful place to celebrate, cool owners and atmosphere. Definitely a place for a wedding, birthday party or similar event