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Veronika IvanovaVeronika Ivanova
08:55 01 Jun 23
Have not been to the guest house itself, but their mini zoo is great, especially for family trip. Lots of different animals you would not expect to see in such a small zoo, and nice staff.
martins kohsmartins kohs
17:12 08 May 23
Inta PickenaInta Pickena
19:48 09 Dec 22
Atomi Mini Zoo is a hidden gem worth visiting! There are so many interesting animals to see, from common farm animals to exotic creatures. This is a very child-friendly place, and a great spot to visit with the whole family.The animals at Atomi Mini Zoo are absolutely adorable. From fluffy bunnies to somewhat fearsome-looking ostriches (I am not joking!), there's something for everyone to enjoy. You can even purchase treats to feed the animals, which is a fun and unique experience. The prices for these treats are very reasonable, making this both a thoughtful and also budget-friendly thing to do. (Bringing your own treats from home is discouraged for the safety of the animals).In addition to the animals, there are also plenty of other things to do at Atomi Mini Zoo. There are several benches and picnic areas where you can relax and enjoy a snack, and there are also playgrounds and other activities for the kids to enjoy.All in all, Atomi Mini Zoo is a great place to visit. The animals are cute and well-cared for, and the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend this hidden gem to anyone looking for a fun and affordable outing with the family.
16:31 29 Aug 22
Very impressed with the zoo which is nearby. Wonderful place to stay, cute and funny animals.
Baiba BethereBaiba Bethere
14:23 19 Aug 21
Excellent place with kids. Animals very friendly and hungry.
08:37 19 Aug 21
Lovely place for kids even on a rainy day.
Evangelos GkogkosEvangelos Gkogkos
10:38 17 Jun 21
Really nice place!!!Feel the real country Latvian style...You can see several different kind of animals in very neat and clean environment!Highly recommend!!!
Amit PAmit P
06:57 30 Jun 18
Amazing.Natural Wildlife around. True local and country side environment. Fantastic facilities. Ample space to enjoy and warm welcoming host.